New Fashion Models: How To Develop Your Name Into A Famous Supermodel Brand

We feel honored that you have considered our fashion modeling agency for possible representation.

One of the first things that we explain to new fashion models is about how important it is for them to create a brand around their name when developing their fashion modeling careers.

For example, many of the world’s most successful supermodels and fashion models purchase their own domain name in order to use as their professional website name as part of their brand development: and (domain registration is not required for agency admission).

The above domains are perfect examples of how important it is for new fashion models and actresses to not only protect their names, but also to develop their names into famous fashion brands that are known around the world. A domain name is extremely important for a fashion model to get early in her fashion modeling career (before another person with the same name registers her name), and we have an entire division that handles branding, product licensing (for example, so that famous fashion models and supermodels could sell their own perfume brands), and protecting the intellectual property of supermodels, famous fashion models, actresses, and even a few musicians.

This means that you can register your full name (for example, with our organization for your convenience (even if you are not currently represented by our fashion modeling agency) because domain registration is an extremely valuable service that we provide to all fashion models, regardless of their fashion modeling agency.

You may register your own using the links provided below: and

In other words, for less than $23 per year and the time it might take to make coffee, you can register your name as a domain name and even forward it to your Instagram account (or fashion modeling portfolio page) regardless of your current or future modeling agency (forwarding is completely free, and we can even do it for you). In other words, you would own the domain name, not someone else, and not our fashion modeling agency.

We hope that you decide to use our domain registration services, but even if you decide that having your own is not for you, we would like you to understand that this is something that is completely optional and not required in order to be a highly successful fashion model with our fashion modeling agency. In addition, sometimes it might not even be possible for you to register if another woman anywhere in the world with the same name has already registered your name.

We look forward to reviewing your complete fashion modeling application, and most importantly, we wish you incredible success in the fashion modeling industry.

Thank you for considering our fashion modeling agency, and best wishes.


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