Modeling Application Guidelines:

Video Submissions For Fashion Models | Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange County (Southern California), Las Vegas, Phoenix (2022), Miami, & New York Fashion Models

Part 1: Walking Video

Now that we have your photos, we would like to see how you walk with a short 30 to 60 second video. You should be fresh faced, with no makeup and clean hair worn down. You are not walking the fashion runway; a simple outfit will do just fine such as short shorts or skirts, and a sleeveless form-fitting top for women.

Part 2: Personality Video

ZARZAR MODELS would like to know more about you as a person (personality is extremely important in the fashion modeling industry). A funny story, something most people do not know about you, or even a favorite hobby. Get creative and show us who you truly are and what you are passionate about as a person. 

Please note that videos are optional, but highly recommended for new fashion models. You may upload your videos to YouTube (please do not forget to set them to private in order to protect your privacy), and then send us the links of your videos to along with the rest of your fashion modeling application. Thank you for considering our fashion modeling agency, and best wishes.


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