Visiting modeling agency websites is a great way to learn about the fashion modeling industry and about the different fashion models represented by each modeling agency. However, when visiting many of the world’s top modeling agency websites you might have seen something called modeling agency boards and might have wondered what that modeling word means along with the purpose of each of those modeling agency boards.

The use of modeling agency boards by fashion modeling agencies is a way for them to organize and classify which fashion models belong where at each agency, and they achieve this by classifying their fashion models according to fashion modeling experience and where each fashion model is currently at in her fashion modeling career. In addition, placing fashion models in modeling agency boards serves as a convenient way for fashion modeling agencies to communicate to their clients visiting their fashion modeling agency websites as to which fashion models and/or supermodels they may be interested in hiring based on specific project needs for their fashion modeling campaigns.

Who Determines The Modeling Agency Board For Each Fashion Model? 

When a fashion model gets signed to a specific fashion modeling agency, it is up to that agency to determine which of the different modeling agency boards the model will be placed on at that specific fashion modeling agency. 

It is important to note that some fashion modeling agencies use these terms interchangeably, such as New Faces division and Development division (ZARZAR MODELS uses the word division instead of the word board, but they mean the same thing at the agency). In addition, other top modeling agencies may not have modeling agency boards at all or they might only have New Faces or Development listed as a modeling agency board with all the other fashion models placed in the Women modeling agency board. 

Ultimately, how modeling agency boards are used and labeled varies from fashion modeling agency to fashion modeling agency and fashion modeling market to fashion modeling market, but it is generally reserved for high fashion modeling agencies, runway modeling agencies, and the fashion models represented by those modeling agencies.

New Faces Board 

Fashion models that appear on a modeling agency’s website under the New Faces board are brand new to the fashion modeling industry. They have no previous training or modeling experience so they don’t have a fashion modeling portfolio or comp card (composite card) to showcase to the modeling agency’s clients. Polaroids are usually submitted instead and are displayed with the model’s profile on the agency website.

Clients considering someone from the New Faces board know upfront that the fashion model that they are hiring is new to the fashion modeling industry and agree to have a lot more patience in return for paying lower fees to the model and her fashion modeling agency. Basically, fashion models on the New Faces board are typically in the process of setting up their test photo shoots in order to create their fashion modeling portfolios and composite cards. We all need to start somewhere, right?

Development Board 

Fashion models on the Development board are similar to the girls on the New Faces board except that they are a bit ahead of the learning curve. They’ve likely already done their test photo shoots and have a starter fashion modeling portfolio and composite cards for her fashion modeling agency’s clients to review. So they are not technically professionals but they do have some fashion modeling experience working with hair stylists, makeup artists, fashion stylists, and photographers. Most importantly, these fashion models are no longer strangers to the camera.

Main Board 

These are the fashion models who are actively working and available for model castings and modeling auditions for various projects and fashion modeling campaigns. These fashion models are experienced, have a large body of fashion modeling work and tear sheets (a sheet torn from a publication such as a fashion magazine) to show that they have been published. It is not so much how long they have been modeling that reflects their placement on the Main board, because if a fashion model is popular and starts booking constant fashion modeling work, they will be in this category whether they have been with the agency for 3 months or 7 years.

Runway Board

The Runway board is not found in all fashion modeling agencies, but as the name implies, fashion models on this board focus on model fittings and fashion runway shows. Runway models at ZARZAR MODELS are generally 5’10” (~178 cm) or 5’11” (~180 cm) in height and weigh less than 135 pounds, but this varies by fashion modeling agency.

Direct Board 

Fashion models on the Direct board are there because they can be directly booked for fashion modeling work without a model casting, modeling audition, or go-see because clients love the way they look and know that these fashion models can deliver based on their fashion modeling portfolio and other agency provided materials that they might have seen from those specific fashion models. Clients who want to work with any specific fashion model on the Direct board simply have to let her fashion modeling agency know the details of the fashion modeling campaign, and if the specific fashion model is available, the booking can be confirmed and the booking details finalized.

Direct means that the fashion models are not based in the client’s specific region, and that they can live anywhere around the world — from Los Angeles, Miami, and New York, to London, Paris, and Milan — so that when clients book these fashion models, flight and hotel expenses need to be added to their fashion modeling rates.

The Direct board or Direct division has international high-end fashion models and highly successful commercial models doing fashion modeling campaigns, fashion runway shows for high-end fashion clients, and other important fashion modeling work for medium size and large companies (including international conglomerates) that have large advertising and marketing budgets.

Images Board 

Many top fashion models and supermodels are represented by several fashion modeling agencies in different countries. As a result, they can’t be everywhere all the time. When clients are interested in a fashion model that is listed on a fashion modeling agency’s Images board, they automatically understand that the female fashion model is not available to attend model castings or fashion modeling auditions.

Does that mean that these fashion models or supermodels would not be considered for a fashion modeling assignment? Not necessarily. Fashion models and supermodels on the Images board have extensive fashion modeling experience, tear sheets, and a strong fashion modeling portfolio that clients can view in order to help them make educated decisions in place of meeting these highly successful fashion models and/or famous supermodels in person.

Can Fashion Models Be On More Than One Modeling Agency Board?

Yes, but remember that not all fashion modeling agencies use the same types of fashion modeling boards. Many fashion modeling agencies just have a Main board and a New Faces board or a Development board, while other fashion modeling agency boards might only have a Main board, a Direct board, and a Celebrities board (for example, famous supermodels that also host television shows). In addition, fashion modeling agencies that focus on younger fashion models might have a Babies board, a Children or Kids board, a Youth board, and/or a Teens board (Teens division). In fact, a fashion model could technically be on an Images board and a Direct board but chances are fashion modeling agencies would rather pick one or the other to put on their fashion modeling websites and not both since they can be used interchangeably.

How To Get On A Fashion Modeling Agency Board?

You would need to be signed to a fashion modeling agency first. As stated previously, it is the fashion modeling agency’s decision whether to include you on one of the fashion modeling agency’s boards and on which specific fashion modeling board. Not being listed on a fashion modeling agency’s board isn’t a bad thing or a reflection of your potential as a fashion model. Any number of factors play into those types of situations but as long as you have a reputable fashion modeling agency and honest modeling agents with experience that know what they are doing and have a proven track record in the fashion modeling industry, you will most likely be in good hands in order to enjoy the ride and all of the new experiences that fashion modeling can give you.

Thank you for considering our fashion modeling agency, and best wishes.

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Promotions and runway models.
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