Fashion Discounts For Women (Cash Back For Shopping) | How Fashion Models & Actresses Make Money Shopping

As a fashion model, you will most likely need to purchase many things including the basics such as beauty products, blouses, fashion accessories, makeup products, skirts, and high heel shoes for your fashion modeling and/or acting auditions. In fact, you will quickly learn that these personal expenses can quickly add up to thousands upon thousands of dollars per year. Thus, the need to save money (tons of money) is where technology giant Rakuten comes into the fashion modeling picture.

ZARZAR MODELS has partnered with Rakuten in order to provide fashion models and actresses (and almost all other women that love to shop) cash back when purchasing from their favorite beauty and fashion stores (please note that we receive compensation from Rakuten, but we only like to recommend world class companies to our fashion models and actresses). In addition, you do not have to be signed with our agency in order to take advantage of these great cash back offers.

Fashion models and actresses are extremely busy women, and while they might love to shop at their local fashion malls, they quickly realize that driving to the mall, looking for parking, waiting for assistance, and then standing in line all seem like a tedious waste of time (specially when you are late for your next fashion modeling audition that could land you that $50,000 dollar fashion modeling campaign). This is where Rakuten becomes extremely useful for fashion models and actresses.

Rakuten For Fashion Models & Actresses

So, what is Rakuten exactly? Basically, Rakuten is an online and app-based service that gives women cash back when they make a purchase using a Rakuten link. Formerly known as Ebates, Rakuten’s main objective is to help consumers save money on things they’re already buying. In addition, Rakuten also provides a list of which stores have special deals for fashion models and actresses, such as free shipping, buy one get one free, or free gifts with specific purchases. New users can earn money just by signing up and making a purchase, and you do not need to be a fashion model or an actress in order to join Rakuten and start earning cash back and saving serious money on your beauty and fashion purchases.

So, Rakuten Pays Fashion Models & Actresses To Shop? 

Yes, and we know it sounds too good to be true, but the explanation is simple. Rakuten partners with over 3,500 stores you know and love. They pay Rakuten for sending them shoppers. Then, Rakuten shares the money with you as cash back for purchasing the things that you already needed to shop.

Below is the link so that you may open your Rakuten account and start earning cash back by shopping from your favorite beauty and fashion stores:

Open Your Rakuten Account

In fact, our fashion models and actresses take their savings to an entire different level by using their cash back credit cards to purchase their favorite beauty and fashion products using Rakuten.

Below is the link so that you may open your cash back credit card account:

Open Your Cash Back Credit Card

In addition, as a fashion model, you will most likely need to pay for many personal expenses, and even in situations where the client will reimburse you for your travel expenses, you will quickly learn that having your own funds in a savings, checking, and/or investing account can be extremely helpful, convenient, and will generally make your life a lot easier when traveling for fashion modeling jobs and acting auditions.

Below is the link so that you may open your savings, checking, investing, retirement, and/or cash management account:

Open Your Savings, Checking, & Investing Account

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